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 has to be greater liquidity in the digital asset market if settlements are to be transformed. The big challenge is having enough high-quality digital assets to feed the entire ecosystem,” added CHU.
Hong Kong as a leader
Hong Kong has an excellent track record of innovation and its regulators are pursuing a policy focused on digitisation. Recently, Hong Kong’s Financial Services and Treasury Bureau (FSTB) and the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) confirmed they are developing regulations which could potentially usher in security token offerings as a lower cost alternative to traditional fundraising channels such as IPOs.[10] “Hong Kong is a technology market leader in APAC which is actively embracing digital adoption. Elsewhere, the regulators – including the SFC – have been hugely proactive in engaging with market participants on new technologies like DLT. With its incredible infrastructure and deep pool of service providers and talent, Hong Kong is well positioned to become a leader in digital assets and DLT,” said CHU. With Hong Kong’s technology credentials firmly cemented, the jurisdiction is a strong candidate to drive the integration of DLT and digital assets into the securities settlement process.
If Hong Kong shows continued determination to bring together the various relevant parties such as issuers, regulators, securities industry and digital practitioners to facilitate the use of digital assets with sensible regulatory safeguards, it has a real opportunity to become a digital trailblazer. Not
only would this benefit the domestic Hong Kong market, but it could also potentially gain traction in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) within southern China. If a T+0 settlement model is one day achieved as a result of this innovation, then the cost, risk management and liquidity advantages will be immense. BT
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供者和人才充足,有充分條件成為數碼資產和 DLT的領導者。」香港的科技資歷深厚,實力強 勁,足以推動在證券交易結算過程中結合DLT 和數碼資產。
假如香港繼續決意集合發行人、監管機構、證 券業界和數碼科技行業等各方的力量,提供合 理的法規保障,促進數碼資產的使用,便有很 大機會成為數碼開路先鋒。這不僅為香港本地 市場帶來裨益,更可能在華南大灣區受到歡 迎。這項創新假如最終能實現T+0結算模式,將 在成本、風險管理和流動性方面帶來龐大的好 處。BT
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