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  Secure the Future: Cybersecurity Solutions Day 2021 Focused on Hot Topics and Current Issues
防衛未來:「網絡安全解決方案日2021」 聚焦熱門議題和當前形勢
With cyberattacks targeting financial institutions on the rise and more banking transactions taking place digitally than ever before, the HKIB Cybersecurity Solutions Day 2021 explored how the banking and finance sector can reshape its security and risk strategies to cope with the new normal of banking operations.
隨著銀行數碼交易與日俱 增,針對金融機構的網絡攻 擊亦隨之攀升。由香港銀行 學會舉辦的「網絡安全解決 方案日2021」就相關問題探 討銀行和金融業如何重塑 網絡安全和風險策略,以應 對銀行業務的新常態。
ISSUE 119 • 2021

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