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Against a backdrop of far-reaching
cybersecurity breaches, working
from home protocols, and an ever-
more digital, mobile and data-driven
society, in his welcoming remarks,
Philip KAM, General Manager, Institute
Development, The Hong Kong Institute of
Bankers (HKIB) said the theme “Securing
the ‘New Normal’ of Banking Operation”,
was chosen so that participants could
gain a better understanding of current
threats, as well as identify and prepare
to manage cybersecurity challenges
in the future. Featuring keynote sessions and panel debates, both physically at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and virtually, more than 685 participants joined HKIB Cybersecurity Solutions Day 2021; more than double the number of participants that joined the event last year when it was a solely physical event. With COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, KAM pointed out how the hybrid mode made it possible to bring together cybersecurity experts from Mainland China, the US, Europe, Singapore and Israel to discuss hot topics, trends and innovations. “The aim is to provide multiple perspectives and investigate critical trends,” said KAM.
In addition to hosting cybersecurity-related seminars, demo days, awards programmes and conferences, KAM explained that, since 2016 when the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) launched the Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative, the Institute has been actively supporting the HKMA’s efforts in developing a sustainable talent pool of cybersecurity experts. For example, the HKIB administers the Enhanced Competency Framework (ECF) programme which offers training and examination programmes designed to support cybersecurity talent development in the banking sector. “The programme helps to raise cybersecurity knowledge, competencies and professionalism as well as provide a benchmark for the banking industry” KAM noted.
Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative 2.0
To help the banking industry respond to the fast-evolving cybersecurity landscape, in his regulatory keynote speech “Assuring Cyber-Resilience During Challenging Times”, Howard LEE, JP, Deputy Chief Executive, HKMA explained how the recently launched Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative (CFI)
2.0 has been designed to strengthen the cyber resilience assessment process, incorporate best practices on incident response and recovery, and facilitate the skills development of the Hong Kong cybersecurity talent pool.
由數據驅動的社會形態,香港銀行學 會企業發展總經理甘志堅於「網絡安全解決方 案日2021」開幕致辭中指出,會議以「鞏固新常 態下金融業的網絡安全」為主題,旨在讓參與者 更深入了解當前的威脅,以及識別和應對未來 網絡安全的挑戰。「網絡安全解決方案日2021」 以實體和虛擬形式在香港會議展覽中心進行, 當中包括主題演講和座談會,吸引了超過 685 名人士參與,比去年只屬實體活動的參加人數 多出兩倍。甘志堅指出,因應防疫措施的限制, 是屆活動採取混合模式進行,讓中國、美國、歐 洲、新加坡和以色列的網絡安全專家可以聚首 一堂討論熱門議題、趨勢和創新方案。他說:「我 們希望從多個角度探討迫在眉睫的嚴峻形勢。」
甘志堅指出,自 2016 年香港金融管理局(金 管局)推出「網絡防衛計劃」以來,香港銀行 學會除舉辦網絡安全研討會、解決方案示範 日、獎勵計劃和會議之外,更積極支持金管 局培訓和建立一群可持續的網絡安全專業人 才 , 如 管 理 「 銀 行 專 業 資 歷 架 構 」( E n h a n c e d Competency Framework, ECF),為業界提供 培訓和考試制度,以支持銀行業網絡安全人才 的發展。甘志堅說:「這個資歷架構有助提升從 業員的網絡安全知識、能力和專業水平,並為 銀行業提供一個可參照的標準。」
為協助銀行業應對瞬息萬變的網絡安全形勢, 金管局副總裁李達志於活動中以「挑戰下如 何防衛網絡安全」為題發表演說,並闡釋最近 推出的「網絡防衛計劃2.0」如何加強網絡防衛 評估程序、引入事故反應和系統復原的最佳方 案,以及促進香港網絡安全人才的技能發展。
  對影響深遠的網絡安全問題、在家工 作新模式,以及日趨數碼化、流動和

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