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   “小組專家討論『2021 年主要趨勢』時指 出,新冠肺炎疫情令 在家工作變得普遍, 這卻擴大了不同網絡 安全威脅的範圍,同 時增加易受攻擊的脆 弱區域。
 all solution when it comes to cloud security, to reduce the risks of a catastrophic incident, the panel of experts recommended having systems in place that allow the decoupling of systems and functions. The panel also recommended having systems in place to monitor, log and record business operations to provide a separate layer of protection in the event of a cybersecurity incident. Meanwhile, on the topic of cybersecurity risks and the way they relate to virtual and traditional banks, the consensus of the panel was the risk factors are similar, due mainly to the fact that virtual and traditional banks both depend on using online and digital technologies.
Cybersecurity in the future
Using the present as a baseline, cybersecurity experts discussing “Tackling the Cybersecurity Challenges of Our New Tomorrow” during the final panel session the panellists agreed that the COVID-19 pandemic had set the initial track work for the future. For example, how to structure a hybrid work environment
that ensures front end financial market sales and clients fund transfers can be managed in a cybersecurity safe and regulated environment. Building on experiences and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw a rapid pivot to banking and finance professionals required to work from home, the panellists said there is a better understanding of the way financial institutions will need to rebalance cybersecurity risks that meet risk operating appetite and regulatory compliance.
In the future, according to the panellists, as customer appetite for digital products and services continues to increase and financial institutions rollout products and services to satisfy customer expectations, the cybersecurity assessment and collaboration between financial institutions, third-party vendors and regulators, will also increase. BT
從現時的形勢進行分析,網絡安全專家在最後 一場小組討論中探討「應對新明天的網絡安全 挑戰」。大家不謀而合,認同新冠肺炎疫情為未 來勾劃了初步的發展路向。例如,在構建一個 混合式的工作環境時,應考慮如何確保前線金 融銷售活動和客戶資金轉移,可以在安全和受 監察的網絡世界中進行和管理。小組專家指出, 新冠肺炎疫情令銀行及金融業人員需要在家工 作,業界因而汲取了經驗和教訓,能夠更清晰地 重估自身可承受的網絡安全風險和相應的監管 規例。未來,金融機構將不斷推出各類數碼產品 和服務以應客戶需求,因此,金融機構、第三方 供應商和監管機構之間的網絡安全評估和協作 亦將增加。BT
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