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 “大灣區規劃旨在發展區內成為國 際創新及科技中心,為香港金融 科技界帶來大量機會。
 than 160 authorised insurers, Hong Kong can be at the forefront of that process. According to Fineos, this is why the company chose Hong Kong as the base for its Asian headquarters.
Also keeping a close watch on the GBA is Finex Hong Kong Limited, a subsidiary of Luxembourg-headquartered Finex International. The company works exclusively for professional investors, and while the majority of its clients are presently from Hong Kong and Europe, Finex is working to leverage its presence in Hong Kong to extend its reach into the wider Asian investment markets. In terms of the GBA, Finex sees Shenzhen and Guangzhou as promising markets to launch new funds, but at this stage in the evolution of the GBA initiative, this can be most easily achieved via Stock Connect – the collaboration between the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges – which allows international and Mainland Chinese investors to trade securities in each other’s markets through the trading and clearing facilities of their home exchange. While Finex likes the idea of the GBA market, among the challenges the firm faces in making bigger inroads, is the mutual recognition of investment funds. Fund distribution also presents another obstacle as the market is largely dominated by the socalled “big four” mainland Chinese banks, which account for at least 75% of all the funds distributed in Mainland China. For now, according to Finex, until different institutional systems in Mainland GBA cities and market conditions have been clarified, the company will continue to run its operations from Hong Kong. BT
Finex Hong Kong Limited也密切注視大灣區 的發展,該公司是盧森堡Finex International 的 附 屬 公 司 ,專 為 專 業 投 資 者 服 務 。因 主 要 投 資客戶均來自香港和歐洲,該公司目前正把握 以香港為基地的優勢,擴展業務到範圍更廣的 亞洲投資市場。就大灣區而言,Finex認為深圳 和廣州是推出新基金的理想市場。但在大灣 區建設的現階段發展中,滬港通及深港通是在 香港推出內地新基金的最簡易方法。滬港通及 深港通是香港、上海和深圳證券交易所的合作 計劃,使國際和內地投資者可以通過本地交易 所的交易和結算系統來交易對方市場的證券。 Finex雖然認為大灣區的構想很好,但要進一 步開拓大灣區市場,挑戰之一是在中國內地互 認 投 資 基 金 的 手 續 需 時 。即 使 完 成 互 認 ,基 金 銷售也構成另一障礙,因為內地市場很大程度 上由「四大」銀行主導,共同包辦內地基金銷售 額至少75%。Finex在內地大灣區城市不同的 體制和市場條件明朗化之前,將繼續以香港為 基地拓展業務。BT
 Louis CHAN
Assistant Principal Economist (Global Research)
Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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