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Times have changed and so have behaviours. Criminals have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic and have evolved their use of technology to identify loopholes in financial systems by leveraging emerging technologies such as new payment platforms and other forms of virtual assets to conduct complex, multi-layered transactions and exploit vulnerabilities in digital products – all targeted at damaging the reputation of institutions as well as the sanctity of their customer bases.
時代不同,人的行為也隨之 改變。罪犯藉新冠肺炎疫情 的機會,以科技查找金融系 統的漏洞,透過新支付平台 等新興科技及其他虛擬資 產,進行複雜多重的交易, 並利用數碼產品的弱點;就 是為了損害機構的聲譽,取 得這些機構的客戶資料。
ISSUE 119 • 2021
Transforming Financial Crime Management through Technology in Hong Kong

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