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經濟環境和新冠肺炎疫 情的影響,加速了數碼 化的趨勢,改變了金融 罪行的類型,以及執法 機關和受規管機構偵測 金融罪行的方式。
  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a popular form of technology adopted and used, where logic and structured inputs are used to automate previously manual business processes. RPA software can capture, interpret and manipulate data, carrying out actions such as moving folders and files, copying and pasting data into different systems, and filling out forms. There are a number of historically manual financial crime risk management processes which could benefit from RPA use, including name screening, transaction monitoring and SAR/
STR reporting due to their repeatable, routine and rules-based nature. RPA is particularly effective when combined with AI capabilities, such as machine learning and NLP, by facilitating the automation of more sophisticated tasks that require more complex reasoning.
Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) is a form of technology that allows users to analyse data held within a secure environment and produce reports and analysis that do not disclose any sensitive information. While some companies use this technology intra-group to enable information sharing between corporate entities, it also has the potential to significantly enhance the effectiveness of information sharing more broadly. PET can improve information sharing between FIs (private-to-private), FIs and AML/CFT regulators (private-to- public), and supervisory regimes at a national, international and supra-national level (public-to-public); thereby facilitating greater access to information and supporting collaboration on financial crime risk intelligence
着以標準用字和語言自動製作報告,支援可疑 活動報告或可疑交易報告的編製工作,從而減 輕機構的行政負擔,確保處理方法一致。
機械人流程自動化技術(RPA)獲得廣泛使用, 利用邏輯和有系統的資料,以自動化方式處理 以往由人手處理的業務程序。RPA軟件可收集、 分析和利用數據,從事多項工作,例如搬動資 料匣和檔案、複製和剪貼數據至不同的系統、 填寫表格等。好些以往以人手處理的金融罪行 風險管理程序,屬於例行性質、經常重複,而且 以規則為基礎,因此都可使用RPA技術,例如審 核名稱、監察交易、編製可疑活動報告及可疑 交易報告等。RPA配合人工智能,例如機器學習 及NLP時,有助把需要較深度推理的複雜任務 自動化,尤其有效。
加強私隱技術(PET)可讓使用者分析在安全環 境下儲存的數據,製作報告及分析結果,而又 不會披露敏感資料。有些機構利用這種技術在 集團內部的公司之間分享資訊;這種技術也可 能有助較大範圍的資訊分享,大大提升資訊分 享的效能。PET可促進金融機構之間(私人對私 人)、金融機構與打擊洗錢/恐怖分子資金籌 集的監管機構(私人對公營機構),以及國家、 國際及超國家層面的監管機構(公營對公營) 的資訊分享,從而促進資訊交流,有助金融罪 行風險情報的交流。

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