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 “為了提升打擊金融罪行的 效能和效率,金融機構必 須在整個客戶生命週期中 善用科技。
   own appetite for such technological change, in conjunction with available opportunities and strategic objectives, both current and aspirational:
• What is the supervisory comfort level with the use of technology for risk management and regulatory compliance in jurisdictions where an FI operates?
• What are the supervisory priorities, especially with respect to recent updates to mandates and inspections/reviews?
• What is the existing relationship with the regulator? Does the regulator have confidence in the organisation’s financial crime management capabilities?
• What is the organisation’s technology landscape and architecture? And how is it envisioned to change over the next few years?
• What is the firm’s financial crime risk exposure and profile? How does it compare to that of the wider industry? Are there relevant technology solutions available in the market?
• What is the effectiveness of the financial crime risk management program? Are there identifiable enhancement and development areas within the financial crime risk management program?
Overall, there is a pressing need to bring updated thinking on the use of technology to efficiently balance risk, outcomes, and cost.
These, among other questions, can help assess how best
to implement new financial crime technology. Moreover, as the technology landscape evolves, and financial institutions start to move away from single platform solutions to a more agile, multi-solution approach targeting specific technologies/ approaches to specific risk types, value can emerge in creating a portfolio of technology solutions to support existing financial crime risk management programs. BT
• 金融罪行風險管理計劃的效力有多大?金 融罪行風險管理計劃內,有沒有可加強或 可進一步發展的範疇?
• 考慮到監管機構的權限最近是否有變,以 及巡查/檢討工作的重點,監管機構最關 注的是什麼?
整體而言,業界急須重新思考科技的使用,以 便有效地平衡風險、效果與成本。
上述問題及其他方面的考慮,有助評估如何最 有 效 地 採 用 金 融 罪 行 新 科 技 。此 外 ,隨 着 科 技 發展,加上金融機構逐步由一個平台方案發展 至更靈活的多方案處理方法,以特定的科技處 理特定的風險類型,機構可創設整套的技術方 案,支援現有的金融罪行風險管理計劃,為現 有的架構增值。BT
 • 目前與監管機構的關係如何?監管機構對 金融機構的金融罪行管理能力有沒有信 心?
• 機構的科技使用情況和技術架構如何?未 來數年預計有何改變?
• 機構受金融罪行影響的風險有多大?風險 概況如何?與業界的整體情況相比是否嚴 重?市場上是否有相關的技術解決方案?
Financial Crime Advisory Leader, Deloitte China
 Jessica NAMAD
China Lead
Asia Centre for Regulatory Strategy Deloitte China

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