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Innovative Technologies and Their Reshaping
Many of the processes that define securities’ post-trade processing are plagued with inefficiencies and unnecessary costs, which have an adverse impact on client experiences. Compounding these issues are revenue challenges associated with margin compression and regulatory restrictions. In response, the industry is increasingly embracing innovative and disruptive technologies – such as DLT (distributed ledger technology) and digital assets – as a means to improve the operating model and facilitate cost savings. Trade settlement is one area which is likely to benefit from such technologies.
許多證券交易後的程序不但 欠缺效率,而且引致不必要 的成本,導致客戶體驗欠佳。 再者,保證金借貸和監管規 則的限制,均影響證券買賣 業務的收入。有見及此,業界 逐漸採用創新及顛覆性的科 技,例如分佈式分類帳技術 ( D L T ) 、數 碼 資 產 等 ,以 改 進 營運模式和節省成本,而交 易結算的程序亦有可能從中 得益。
ISSUE 119 • 2021
of Securities Trade Settlements

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