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View from The Top: Perspectives from Senior Banking Executives
As the rapid evolution of what it means to be a banker continues, insightful perspectives from experienced banking professionals
can help to energise and support the talent development of the next generation of banking professionals. Passionate about talent development, HKIB Committee Members, advisors and programme speakers who have constructive years of experience lead by example and share their valuable knowledge to inspire others.
「有人認為銀行是傳統行業,年資深便穩妥了, 但這說法絕對不合事宜。現時銀行服務和金融 產品都講求創新。比如我在十多年前,便把不少 創新元素引進到信用卡業務,例如與商戶合作, 推出簽賬積分消費優惠,在十多年前來說這都 算是相當創新想法。後來,我到了南商零售銀行 服務,推出創新的銀聯提款卡、跨境銀行服務、 香港內地理財經理互連互通、大灣區按揭服務 等等,配合港人在大灣區和內地客戶於香港對 跨境銀行服務需求。」
ISSUE 119 • 2021
For Wendy MUI, the former Deputy Chief Executive of Nanyang Commercial Bank (NCB), has a strong belief that professional training is as important now as it was during her 30-year career. To rise to the challenges associated with
an ever-evolving market, regulatory changes and technological advancement, MUI believes the industry needs talent that can actively respond to future changes, demonstrate a high level of teamwork, and dare to innovate.
“Some people might think that banking is a traditional industry and your job is secured as long as you are experienced or senior enough. But this is not the case now,” says MUI, former Member of HKIB’s Executive Committee and Vice Chairman of the HKIB’s Membership and Professional Development Committee, and currently Honorary Advisor to the HKIB, which advises and helps with the formulation of the Institute’s development strategies.
While banking services and financial products are now the focus for innovation, continual innovation has always played a vital
role in the banking industry. For example, MUI cites how she introduced innovative elements to NCB’s credit card business more than ten years ago. Considered ground-breaking at the time, NCB worked with merchants to launch co-branded credit cards that reward purchases with cash bonuses. After joining NCB’s retail banking department, MUI also pioneered the launch of UnionPay cards, cross-border banking and wealth management
隨著銀行從業員角色不斷 演變,本刊今期訪問了三位 經驗豐富的資深銀行家,現 分別為香港銀行學會委員 會成員、顧問及課程講者, 他們的奮鬥經驗能夠給新 一代銀行從業員一些啟發 和動力,進一步推動人才
年才剛榮休的南洋商業銀行前副總裁 梅月嫦,在業界打滾逾三十年,儘管工 作繁忙,仍十分支持香港銀行學會的
培訓工作。她曾擔任學會的理事會成員和會籍 及專業發展委員會副主席,現任學會的榮譽顧 問,協助學會釐訂發展策略。通過今次的訪問, 她與會員和銀行從業員分享實務經驗之餘,也 分享團隊管理心得。她認為,要應對市場、監管 和科技發展帶來的挑戰,業界需要能夠積極面 對轉變、重視團隊合作和敢於創新的人才。
激活團隊精神 推動銀行從業員專業化
談到團隊精神的重要性,她表示:「中高層管理 人員須有能力發揮團隊合作精神,無論主管的 個人能力多好,也需要一支願意付出、忠誠和互

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