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services, and mortgage services in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) designed to cater to increased demand for banking services from Hong Kong customers residing in the GBA, and vice versa.
Team spirit and professionalism
Based on her own experiences, MUI is a firm believer in the human factor, especially the importance of teamwork. “Middle and senior managers must be able to ignite teamwork spirit,” she says, “no matter how capable the manager is, he or she still needs a loyal team that is willing to deliver great work together and understand one another.” For instance, managers in retail banks must also possess sales techniques to formulate and drive effective sales strategy, allowing the teammates to extend full potential, to learn and grow. Subordinates have to see how they are valued by the supervisors to become truly devoted.
While sharing her view on people management,
MUI explains her relationship with the HKIB began with NCB’s entrustment of her as the bank’s corporate delegate. “My level
of participation gradually increased,” she says. “This meaningful journey to promote professional training and talent development has become my mission.” As a veteran banker with diverse knowledge, the HKIB regularly seeks MUI’s advice and experience- sharing with practicing bankers. “Meetings and sessions are usually scheduled during lunch hours and after business hours. These flexible arrangements allow me to balance my work and participation in the Institute’s activities,” MUI says.
Noting how the banking sector has diversified considerably in recent years, in addition to traditional personal and commercial banking services, MUI explains the market now has a strong appetite for personal financial planning. Meanwhile, Fintech and new government policies are also rapidly reshaping the banking and financial landscape, leading to evolving regulatory requirements.
“Against this backdrop, the Certified Banker (CB) framework which covers specialised banking practice and holistic management can enable banking practitioners and future talent to upgrade their competencies to adapt to the changing landscape.” MUI says. Unlike some years ago when new joiners could only learn on-the- job, the comprehensive CB framework will provide a broad and systematic training with constant review according to the market and regulators’ expectations. More importantly, the professional qualifications benefit the qualifications holder for a lifetime.
相體諒的團隊,群策群力。管理人員需有能力激 活團隊,如果管理零售銀行業的話,更需具備銷 售管理技巧,制定和推動銷售策略,讓員工在崗 位上能發揮所長,鼓勵他們學習和成長,讓下屬 感受到自身的重要性,自然盡心盡力。」
梅月嫦透露,最初與香港銀行學會的合作始於 公司的託付,代表南商參與會務。「到後來,我的 參與程度也日漸增加了,我認為很有意義,推動 行業培訓更因而成為了我的使命。學會不時邀 請我以銀行家的身分分享這些工作經驗,在時 間上的安排也相當具彈性,例如定期於午飯時 間舉行會議,或於辦公時間後召開會議,讓我能 夠兼顧日常工作和會務。」
近十多年來,銀行業務漸趨多元化,除傳統個人 和商業銀行服務外,市場對個人理財規劃的需 求強勁,金融科技日新月異,加之政府的優惠政
 Wendy MUI, Former Deputy Chief Executive of Nanyang Commercial Bank (NCB)
南洋商業銀行前副總裁 梅月嫦
   “While banking services and financial products are now the focus for innovation, continual innovation has always played a vital role in the banking industry.

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