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gained increasing recognition with quality assured by the HKMA and the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). Banks of different sizes can also leverage CB certification to support their compliance and development needs. Importantly, in the pursuit of life-long learning, banking professionals at any stage can make use of the CB ladder to enhance their competency and experience to become holistic bankers so as to adapt to the ever-evolving banking landscape shaped by the introduction of new markets, technologies and regulatory requirements.
“The mission of HKIB is to cultivate bankers with both soft and hard skills for the industry.” FUNG believes the HKIB has an important role to play to ensure the training quality and achievement of CB keep up with the market pace and regulatory changes. “As the programme manager, HKIB should enhance the CB programmes to cover different bank functions and the latest knowledge. As a promoter, the HKIB should enhance the recognition, accessibility and participation in the CB programme to encourage eligible students and individuals within and outside of the banking and finance industry to enrol in the programme. Lastly, as a maintainer, the quality and standard of the programmes need to be ensured so the qualifications holders are guaranteed that their knowledges are kept abreast with the latest market trend and regulatory requirement.”
Three Actions, Two Minds and One Mission in Banking Career Advancement
FUNG advises practitioners and future banking talent to always practise Three Actions and Two Minds and focus on One Mission. Practising Three Actions means paying “Attention” to all sensible phenomena or happenings around you; practising “Devotion” to learning from job and via the pursuit of ECF and CB qualifications so as to accumulate expertise, hard and soft banking skills, as well as to fulfil banking responsibilities and teamwork requirements. The last action is keeping an “open mind” and taking action to exercise and actualise banking innovation. FUNG's two incidents in 1975 and 1987 are two of the many relevant illustrations of how the Three Actions work in the banking industry.
Practising Two Minds refers to being constantly mindful of risk management and mindful of regulatory compliance. One Mission refers to applying the Three Actions and Two Minds to achieve an ultimate goal to becoming an outstanding holistic banker. Mission setting, as
it was suggested by Hong Kong’s 2021 Olympic Fencing Gold Medal winner Edgar Cheung Ka-long, is an important ingredient in determining the degree of one’s success. By anchoring Three Actions and Two Minds into their mindset, aspiring banking practitioners can benefit from HKIB programmes in helping them to achieve and overcome challenging missions in their banking career, FUNG concluded.
透過香港銀行學會專業認證 規劃職 業生涯 馮兆明坦言,現今銀行業務和產品競爭白熱化、市 場快速轉獎,合規要求更加複雜,事業要更上一層 樓,靠的不僅是運氣。與三十年前比較,在職培訓、 工作留心用心、全情投入皆必不可少。CB專業資格 有助從業員邁向更專業化,為他們鋪出一條更穩健 踏實、可靠和可持續前行的康莊大道「。不論是分工 精細的大行,還是有機會稍欠培訓資源的中小型銀 行,員工們現在都可以通過CB框架的『硬件』獲得 整個行業認可的專業資格,並發揮『軟實力』,發揮 潛能,在職業道路上穩步前進,成為銀行業全才。」
馮兆明補充,大多數由金管局推出並由香港銀行 學會組織管理的「銀行專業資歷架構」課程已被納 入 CB 框架,認受性越來越高,得到了金管局和香 港學術及職業資歷評審局的質量保證。不同規模 的銀行也可藉CB課程認證,支持其合規性和發展 需求。更重要的是,任何階段的銀行專業人士,都 可以藉助 CB 階梯來提升他們的能力和經驗,以適 應不斷變化的銀行業環境、市場、技術和監管要求。
「香港銀行學會的使命,正是為行業培養出具備 軟硬實力的銀行通才。」馮兆明相信,香港銀行學 會能發揮重要作用,確保 CB 的培訓質量和成就, 緊貼市場步伐和監管要求變化。「作為經營者,香 港銀行學會應致力令CB滿足銀行業不同職能的 專業培訓需要,與時並進。作為推廣者,則需要提 升 CB 在銀行界中的認受性、廣泛性和參與性, 吸收和鼓勵業內外合資格人士積極參與。作為維 護者,就需維護 CB 的專業培訓和成就水平,而 且有意識地追隨市場變化和監管需要,確保資歷 持有人充分掌握銀行的基礎知識和實務狀況。」
三心兩意 一念不變
馮兆明寄語有意投身銀行業的人士和新入行從 業員,保持「三心兩意,一念不變」。「一是留心,在 日常實務裡,只要我們認真仔細的去尋找答案, 就會明白處處留心皆學問。二是用心,就是指上 進、勤力、積極學習,還要通過考取 ECF 及 CB等 專業資格積累銀行知識和軟硬技能,以達到持續 專業發展。三是開心,打開心扉,接受、鼓勵和促 進實現創新,才能投入和思考如何運用創新以創 造價值。」馮氏於 1975 年和 1987 年的兩次經歷, 正好證明做事留心、用心和開心的重要。
ISSUE 119 • 2021
兩意是指風險和合規意識,銀行從業員須掌握 全面的風險管理定義和內容、組織體系與職責 和實施等,並把各項規章和制度轉化為思想自

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