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除了CB等專業資格外,經驗豐富的銀行家,如 前滙豐集團總經理兼亞太區營運總監鄭小康, 同樣十分積極參與培訓銀行業人才,特別是金 融科技研發人才,他除擔任「銀行業人才起動 計劃」講者工作外,亦為香港資訊及通訊科技 獎(金融科技獎)評委。他說:「幫助培養下一代 銀行業人才,一直是我的目標。
「銀行業人才起動計劃」由香港金管局於 2020 年推出,香港銀行公會作為支持機構,並由香 港銀行學會擔任計劃管理人,他表示,此計劃 目的正是為有志從事銀行業的大學應屆畢業 生 ,提 供 跨 領 域 的 學 習 和 實 習 機 會 。計 劃 提 供 工作機會、專業培訓、指導和分享,涵蓋銀行業 務、資訊科技、運營、金融科技、法規、信貸、金 融等領域。學員能藉此拓寬銀行業以外的知識 範疇,鼓勵他們保持高度誠信,敢於創新。
在全球範圍內,金融科技在銀行提供的金融服 務中發揮的作用越來越重要。為推動金融科技 創新和增長,在研發過程裡,需要熟悉銀行和
“To move out of your comfort zone is easier said than done, but as long as you work hard and dare to explore, you will find many opportunities for success.
   Raymond CHENG, Former Group General Manager & Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific, HSBC
前滙豐集團總經理兼 亞太區營運總監 鄭小康
  “要跳出舒適圈,說 易行難,但只要肯 努力,敢冒險,便 會發現成功的機會 很多。
  A passion for inspiring the next generation of bankers
Apart from Professional Qualifications such as CB, experienced bankers like Raymond CHENG, former Group General Manager & Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific, HSBC also supports the work of HKIB and continues to contribute to the development of banking talent, especially in the area of Fintech research and development (R&D). “It’s always been my goal to help to nurture next-generation talent to work in this industry,” says CHENG. In addition to serving as a speaker for the HKMA Banking Talent Programme, CHENG is also a Hong Kong ICT (HKICT) Awards (Fintech Award) judge.
Launched in 2020 by the HKMA and supported by the Hong Kong Association of Banks, the Banking Talent Programme (BTP) provides university graduates interested in joining the banking industry with a 6-month internship. The entrance to the industry can be in functions like the front-office, IT, operations, Fintech, regulations, credit and finance. In addition to the job opportunities, the BTP also provides on-the-job training, the banks’ internal training, centralised training organised by the HKMA, and professional qualifications training
by three external institutes, one of which is the HKIB. The HKIB is also Programme Administrator to the BTP. “Its mission provides university grads interested in joining the banking industry with cross- disciplinary learning and internship opportunities,” CHENG says.
Around the world, as Fintech continues to play an increasingly integral role in the financial services that banks provide, to drive growth and innovation, cross-disciplinary talent familiar with both banking and finance and IT functions are required to work on the R&D process. Consequently, to drive growth, Hong Kong’s banking and finance sector priority needs to be focused on nurturing talent proficiency in both banking and finance and IT.
覺和行動自覺,成為了自身的價值追求和職業 道德。「一念不變」是指運用「三心兩意」,實現 成為傑出銀行家的目標。正如香港2021年奧運 會劍擊金牌得主張家朗所提示,目標堅定是決 定個人成功的重要因素。馮兆明總結,將「三心 兩意,一念不變」融入思維,銀行從業員能從香 港銀行學會的培訓課程中大受裨益,幫助他們 克服銀行業職業生涯上的各項挑戰。

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