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  HKIB NEWS 學會信息
A Warm Welcome To Our New Leader     歡迎新成員
Our Honour and Privilege to Warmly Welcome Mr Peter W H HUI, on Board as Executive Committee Member
  Mr HUI is the Assistant Chief Executive and the General Manager of Personal Banking Management Department of Nanyang Commercial Bank, Ltd. He currently is also the Director and Company Secretary of Nanyang Commercial Bank (Nominees) Limited and Nanyang Commercial Bank Trustee Limited. He has been serving Nanyang Commercial Bank, Ltd for over 30 years and successively held various positions including Head of Personal Relationship Management and Head of Product Management. Mr HUI is also the Alternate Director of Hong Kong Trade Finance Platform Company Limited (HKTFPCL), Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited (HKICL) and HKICL Services Limited (HSL). Mr HUI graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and also obtained a Master’s degree in Management from the Macquarie University. He is a Certified Retail Wealth Professional and Certified Financial Planner®.
許先生為南洋商業銀行助理總裁、個金業務管理部總經理。許先生現時亦為南洋 商業銀行(代理人)有限公司及南洋商業銀行信託有限公司董事及公司秘書。他於 南洋商業銀行任職超過30年,並歷任個人客戶關係管理主管、產品管理主管。他亦 為香港貿易融資平台有限公司、香港銀行同業結算有限公司及香港銀行同業結算 服務有限公司代職董事。許先生早年畢業於香港大學,獲社會科學學士學位,亦獲 澳洲麥格理大學頒發管理學碩士學位;彼亦為認可財富管理師及財務策劃師。
Certified Banker (CB) Corner     「銀行專業會士」(CB) 專欄
 Mr Peter W H HUI
     Certified Banker Alumni Association
The Certified Banker Alumni Association aims to provide an alumni network for Certified Banker alumni to connect and interact with one another.
All Certified Banker (Stage I), Certified Banker (Stage II) or Certified Banker qualification holders would qualify automatically. Various discounts are available to members, while reunions, seminars and special activities such as Mentorship Programme, Alumni Ambassador and Annual Certified Banker Alumni Luncheon will be launched by phrases. Through organising various activities, it is hoped that the alumni association can help nurture more banking talent and raise the recognition of the programme. To facilitate the operation of the alumni association, we are now forming an Organising Committee. More information about the Organising Committee will be released soon.
2021 Q3 Training and Examination Schedules
Training and examination schedules for CB (Stage I), CB (Stage II) and CB in Q3 are available at HKIB’s website, please visit the “Certified Banker” section under “Training & Examinations”.
                                                                                         JULY-AUGUST 2021

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