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Event Update     活動快訊
    Thanks AQUMON Team for sharing with our Members on how to apply FinTech to make wealth management more convenient. 感謝AQUMON團隊向會 員分享如何使用金融科 技令財富管理服務變得 更方便簡單。
HKICT Awards 2020 – FinTech Winners' Sharing Series
Fintech is one of the important driving forces to help the industry capture business opportunities, provide better customer experience, and improve efficiencies. To support Members in their digital transformation and assist them in deploying Fintech solutions that come with a proven record of success, HKIB organised the “HKICT Awards 2020 – FinTech Winners’ Sharing Series” held in May and June 2021 to provide the latest market updates on Fintech and case sharing. The Gold Award winners in 2020, including AQUMON, The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers and the Grand Award winner – Fano Labs, were invited to share their successful stories
to over 350 Members in the 3 sessions. HKIB will continue to organise free Fintech events to share insights on the Fintech development in Hong Kong and introduce the outstanding local Fintech companies. Stay tuned with us for more future updates!
 ISSUE 119 • 2021
Thanks The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers for demonstrating how to apply Blockchain solution to address the issue of motor insurance fraud case. 感謝香港保險業聯會展示如何運用區塊鏈技術解決偽造車保的漏洞。
HKIB Thought Leadership Webinars
To keep our Members engaged and provide a platform for practitioners to exchange insights, the Institute had organised two HKIB Thought Leadership Webinars in May and June respectively, attracting 450 participants in total.
On 25 May 2021, Mr Clarence CHEUNG, Regional Head of Business Analytics, Asia Pacific – Wholesale Banking of HSBC and Ms Irene XU, Global Industry Principal, Banking of SAS shared their insights on how to apply AI and Big Data technology to tailor customer experience and respond to their needs instantly.
On 18 June 2021, four industry experts Mr Ronald FUNG, Chief Digital Officer, General Manager & Head of Digital & Innovation Office, The Bank of East Asia, Limited, Mr Andrew YU, Technical Sales, Cloud Platform, IBM Australia, Mr Jeff HUI, Sales Leader, Cloud & Cognitive Software, IBM Hong Kong and Mr Brent LELLO, Business Unit Leader, Sterling Supply Chain & B2B Solutions,
IBM Asia Pacific, were invited for a discussion on how to effectively utilise the latest technology in accelerating the digital transformations of banks in post-pandemic era.
The Institute is planning to launch more free webinars for our Members, please stay tuned with us!
在5月25日,學會邀請了香港上海匯豐銀 行有限公司亞太區工商業務部數據分析主 管張智燊先生,連同賽仕軟件研究所 SAS 全球金融服務產業首席顧問許慧章小姐向 大家講解如何利用人工智能和數據分析為 客戶提供更適切的個人化產品,並實時回 應客戶需求。
在6月18日的研討會上,4位行業專家,分 別是東亞銀行的首席數碼總監、總經理兼 數碼創新辦公室主管馮志斌先生、IBM (澳 洲) 的Andrew YU先生、IBM (香港) 的Jeff HUI先生及 IBM亞太區的Brent LELLO先 生,就銀行如何於疫後新常態下有效利用 各種數碼科技加速轉型進行討論。
學會將會舉辦更多免費的網絡研討會,敬 請留意學會最新資訊!
内資訊,學會於5月及6月分別舉辦了兩場 《領袖思維網絡研討會》,吸引了共450人

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